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The Eight Tarot Meaning

Find out about the eight tarot meaning with detailed interpretation, reversed cards meaning and pictures.

Tarot Card Meaning of the Eights


Power. Success. Foundation. Stability. Regeneration. Balancing of opposite forces.

Tarot Card Interpretation of the Eights

After the commotion of the Seven, the Eight brings back order and stability.

The number Eight is, like the Fours, associated with the idea of structure but it also includes the concept of change, progress and balance between the spiritual and the material world.

This number is linked with Strength or, in some decks, with Justice.

Eight is, like Four, a karmic number, implying that you will reap what you have sown. Whatever positive or negative force you have put into your life will come back to you in some form.

The Eight Tarot Meaning by Suit

The Eight Tarot Meaning in the Suit of Wands


Speed. Action. Rapid progress. Excitement. New ideas

Tarot Card Meaning of the Eight of Wands

In the Rider Waite deck, a volley of eight wands fly through a cloudless sky over a still and peaceful  landscape, pointing straight to their destination.

Strangely enough in this picture that is all about speed and movement there are no living things. The scene is populated only by lifeless objects: a hill overlooking a river, a house and eight speeding wands.

The tarot suit of wands is related to the element of fire that itself recalls movement and swiftness and this card seems to bring the essence of this element.

If so far, things in your life have been slow and apparently without directions, this card brings a promise of good news. Finally new roads are opening up, blocks are removed and changes are about to happen.

There is no more hesitation, the endless delays are overcome and you are free to move in your chosen direction and with a fast pace.

Events seem to suddenly move together in one direction, toward a common goal. In this combined motion there is speed and excitement but there seems to be also order and purpose.

Suddenly the house that has been on the market for too long gets sold and you can move on or, for a series of fortunate events, you meet the person you have been waiting for and a sudden, romantic affair sweeps you off your feet.

The Eight of Wands can also herald important messages that are sent and received quickly and efficiently.

Fresh opportunities present themselves and you are ready to catch them because you happen to be full of energies and you know how to direct them.

When this card appears you can expect an unforeseen change, an uprooting, a turnabout or maybe a sudden enlightenment that allows you to see what was always there but you were not ready to perceive.

The Eight of Wands represents a change of scene, fresh energy, an input of new ideas and the possibility of expansion. After a long struggle, a block subsides and you finally get results in record time.

If your question was about relationships, you may be able to meet new friends, find a new romantic interest or get involved in a swift and passionate love affair. This is a time for memorable and sudden events in love: proposals, marriages, seductions. 

Travel is also a possibility, a break from the daily routine may show things in a different light or a job opportunity abroad will open new horizons. Things and situations are moving quickly and get to their conclusion fast. Be prepared!

This card suggests fresh ideas and action. New paths open suddenly. Letters and news bring abrupt change and progress. There is a feeling of excitement and expansion in your life.

The Eight of wands is also strongly related to travel especially if the question was about your career.

If your question was about love, this card may suggest a passionate love affair.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Keywords: delay, wasted energy, excessive speed

The reversed meaning of this card may indicate a delay. Nothing seems to come to an end and the sought after outcome of a situation never materializes. Your plans or travels are postponed and there is no conclusion in sight.

There is a waste of energies, you seem to be running around like a headless chicken and every action seems mindless and without purpose. You have the feeling of getting nowhere fast, despite all your best efforts.

Better ask yourself if you should recognize the need of a pause instead of struggling against frustration.

Use caution in forcing issues. Interfering might upset the motion of one of the flying wands sending all the volley into chaos and off target.

Maybe excessive speed and impulsive action or miscommunication are affecting your ability to control your life. You feel overwhelmed by sudden events and need a moment of quiet and rest. In all this commotion, are you sure you don’t leave any unfinished business behind?

About relationships, there is a risk that doubts and confusion will bring irritability, arguments and jealousy.

You seem to be getting nowhere fast. You are running around like a headless chicken and your actions seem a waste of energy.

A trip may be canceled or delayed. It is not a good time to take pressured decisions.

The Eight Tarot Meaning - Pentacles


Apprenticeship. Education. Learning new skills. Practical abilities.

Tarot Card Definitions

You are learning useful, new skills and your work is absorbing but enjoyable.

There might not be an immediate financial reward but your heart is in your work and you are building a solid foundation for your future success.

This card encourages to take seminars and courses to develop your talents.

You may also need to learn to manage wisely your money.

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Cheating. Cutting corners. Impatience.

You may be getting involved in unethical practices related to your work.

Cutting corners is spoiling your work’s quality. You feel entitled to rewards you don’t really deserve.

Are you making the best use of your talents?

The Eight Tarot Meaning in the Suit of Swords


Bondage. Restriction. Blocked energy. An oppressive situation. Lack of self-confidence.

Tarot Card Definitions

You feel trapped and unable to proceed.

In this situation you might turn out to be your worst enemy because these blocks are often self-imposed.

A lot of energy is wasted with needless worry and fretting.

You may be reluctant to try something new or face your fears.

An external help might be the only way out to a vicious circle of anxiety and wrong choices.

Tarot Card Meaning of the Eights of Cups


Departure, moving on, disappointment, breaking away, withdrawing.

Tarot Card Meaning of the Eight of Cups

In the Rider-Waite representation of this card, there is a figure that walks away from an intact arrangement of cups. 

The cups have not been scattered in frustration, just abandoned. The character has tasted the content of the cups but he has lost interest now, he leaves, maybe taking one of the cups with him.

He walks away from a sheltered harbor to the unknown but he is ready to direct his energies to a new interest, other challenges or maybe a more meaningful situation. He is ready to go without looking back.

The scene develops under a brooding moon that gives the image a heavy-hearted quality, suggesting a feeling of dissatisfaction, quiet discontent and maybe defeat.  

You may have found your situation or relationship disappointing and you finally decide to move on to something more promising. 

You are left with a feeling of emptiness, discontent and defeat. Maybe you decided that what you have been building and fighting for was not worth it after all and you decide to leave it all behind.

This decision can be a liberating resolution but leaves none-the-less a bitter-sweet aftertaste in your departure.

Maybe the life you have been living so far seems empty now and the things that seemed so important before are now only empty cups. 

Everything you have been accumulating is suddenly useless or is even slowing your down and getting in the way of your progress. Other interests are more important to you or you are ready to pursue more ambitious goals.

It may be the right time to sever some limiting ties that are causing sadness and dissatisfaction. You are ready to break free from something that is holding you back and try something new.

It is a turning point in your life and you must let go of your old ways in order to earn an emotional or spiritual growth. You are maturing emotionally and your old relationships don’t seem to be meaningful any more.

This card suggests the need to leave behind an unsatisfactory situation to find something new and fulfilling.

A travel or an evolution in the situation are possible, it is time to become your own person and pursue happiness and discovery with a period of travel. 

Reversed Tarot Card Definitions

Keywords: departure delay, refusing to move on, declining responsibility

This card reversed can simply indicate a refusal to leave a situation and an incapacity to move on. 

We can also read it as a failure to grow up and an inability to commit when there is a difficulty or the situation requires taking responsibility. Beware of becoming a drifter, never settling down or committing to any relationship or undertaking.

On another hand this tarot card reversed, can symbolize that it is not the time yet to let go and the current situation has still something to offer. You should treasure what you have got before throwing it all away for futile reasons or for fear.

Refusing to move on. Depression. Quiet desperation. You are living a moment of emotional confusion, feeling depressed and fatigued.

Your energy is at a very low level and you may need help to overcome a feeling of quiet desperation.

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