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Easy Tarot Reading

Enjoy easy tarot reading with these printable tarot cards.
It’s this quick and easy: just download your cards, print them on your favorite paper, cut them out, fold them in two with the picture, and comment facing each other.
Then, ask your question, mix, focus and start reading the tarot.

Easy Tarot Reading Cards

I know, maybe tarot purists would not appreciate this shortcut but I think this is an excellent tool to jog your memory and help you learn the meaning of each card.

The powerful imagery is that of the classic Rider-Waite deck, the most loved and influential tarot deck. This deck is a favorite among beginners and pro readers alike for its rich and deep symbolism.
The deck includes the 22 Major Arcana and to each picture is coupled a brief meaning description to get your intuition going if you get stuck with the card interpretation.

How To Do A Simple Tarot Reading - Major Arcana

Often a few trigger words are all you need to start the flow of ideas and understanding.
Once you get more confident with your easy tarot reading, you can always cut out the comment and use the cards alone.
The size of this printable tarot is 1.3X2.7 inches (3.50X7 cm.), a pocket-size format, easy to handle, and to carry with you everywhere.

Minor Arcana Easy Tarot Readings

Complete your tarot deck and give the depth of your reading with the Minor Arcana!
Learning the meaning of 56 Minor Arcana cards is no joke but with these cards, you can start tarot reading immediately and learn easily card interpretation.
When you get more confident these cards will still be useful to jog your memory when you’ll need them.
Happy tarot reading!

The 7 Best Tarot Spreads for Love and Relationship Readings

These elegant tarot spreadsheets will make your tarot reading fluid and effortless.
On the spreadsheets, you’ll find the order, position, and meaning of each card. They are perfect to make relationship and love readings fluent and easy.
Download the set of 7 spreads, choose the appropriate layout between: Secrets, Soulmate Finder, Bleeding Heart, Relationship Snapshot, Which Way?, New Love and Love Finder, place the tarots, and read.
Here is what the Relationship Snapshot and The Soulmate Finder look like: inspiring and easy to use. Just what you need for a motivational reading.

Do You Like the Easy Read Tarot?

Did you download the Easy Read Tarot? What do you think about it? Share your comments, suggestions, and reviews and get the best tarot layout to download!

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