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by Ashley

I am trying to learn how to read the cards, but am not skilled enough to answer a question that has been bothering me.

About a month ago the man that I had liked for a while (about a year) finally made the first move and kissed me. This was special to me because it happened to be my first kiss, which he knew (I'm 18 by the way).

Well, his timing was terrible because I moved 3 hours away to college the next day.

He called me a lot for the first few days but after a while I was the only one calling, and it always seemed like I was bothering him. Worried that I was going to seem needy, I stopped calling, expecting him to call back, he never did.

It’s now been over a month and he has not contacted me at all. This morning, in a moment of weakness I texted him asking why he stopped talking to me, feeling I deserved an explanation, I received no message back still.

I'm upset and angry at him, yet for some reason I cannot stop the feelings I have for him now.

My question is: How can I let him go?



The apparent collapse of your certainties has shown you the truth. You are now able to see in an illuminating flash what is the real value of this relationship.


You can expect to meet a passionate and generous man that is ready for commitment.


This card heralds the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. Your progress has reached a milestone and your are ready for recovery and a positive, new beginning.


Stay focused and take control of your feelings to carry on. Determination will help you move forward and keep under control disruptive feeling that, if not well directed, can upset your progress.

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