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Well, lets see…where to start…I have a tough choice to make.
I have been seeing two men: the first one I’ve known for about 6 years.
He has been in prison now for almost 2yrs but he does have a piece of my heart.
We talk on the phone once a week and have wrote many letters in the last two years.
He wants to move in with me when he gets out.
The second is a supervisor where I work, on a different shift of course.
I have know him two years and just recently became romantically involved with him.
We get along great and have great times together.
My third choice is not to pick either one of them.
I would like to know where to go from here.
Which one would be my best choice?


The Fool
You are about to begin a new phase in your life. A major decision is leading to new paths.

Ten of Cups
There is a positive influence in your situation, your life is satisfying.

Ace of Wands
You have enough energy to start a new enterprise. It’s a good time for a new beginning and creativity.

Two of Cups
This card heralds a harmonious relationship, engagement and marriage are possible.

Four of Pentacles
Are you afraid of letting go of something? Are material interests blocking your progress?

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