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Downton Abbey

by Ari

I just watched the last episode of Downton Abbey and I paired the characters with the court cards traits.

I would say that the Earl of Grantham is a King of Pentacles, conservatives, influential, in possession of wast economic means.

Cora Crawley is a Queen of Cups: nurturing, maternal, intuitive.

Rose Aldridge, the young cousin, a page of wands, fun loving and passionate

Mary Crawley, the eldest daughter with her dry sense of humor and self-reliance is the perfect Queen of Swords.

Tom Branson could be a Knight of Swords, although his revolutionary ideals are getting milder with age.

Edith Crawley maybe would be another Queen of Cups.

Matthew Crawley made the perfect King of Wands.

And the grandma, Violet Crawley, everyone favorite character, is a queen of Wands.

What do you think of my analysis?

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Jul 28, 2020
More ideas for downton abbey tarot
by: Anonymous

Aunt Violet = Hierophant. Mrs Hughes is a better Queen of Cups. Carson is king of swords. Daisy could be the fool. Her story arc is kind of huge in terms of her emotional development.

The world could be the scene from the cricket match at end of season 3. Everything comes together, one story arc ends. Another begins, etc. 7 of swords is Ms. OBrien.

Justice or Hanged Man could be Bates. Im sure every tarot card has an appropriate downton abbey moment.

2 of cups is the scene where Mary and Mathew share some wine in 2 different cups after he rescues sybil at a political rally.

Nov 23, 2014
by: Ari

Thank you, the cards are fabulous!

Nov 23, 2014
Well Done!
by: Anonymous

Very appropriate, well done! I love Downton Abbey too! ;-)

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