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Death Tarot Card

Learn about the meaning of the Death Tarot Card. In this page you’ll find the fascinating tarot card interpretation of this powerful image.

Tarot Symbolism

Death is portrayed in medieval art and in the tarot cards like a skeleton with a scythe in its hand, a figure similar to that of Father Time.

In the tarot the Marseille the name is omitted form the card. In some decks the image is accompanied with a mystic rose, as to balance death with a symbol of rebirth and life.

The number of this tarot is thirteen, a popularly unlucky number and according to numerology, the number of death, destruction but also rebirth and hope.

In the lunar calendar the thirteenth month is the time of death and regeneration.

Despite the frightening image and the upsetting effect it can have on the querant this card is not an omen of death or destruction but of a significant transformation.

Tarot Meanings of Death Tarot Card


Transformation. Sudden and unexpected change. Entering a new phase of life. Liberation. Renewal and rebirth. Grieving a loss.

Tarot Card Interpretation

Like the harvest marks the end of a course of events, the death tarot card marks the end of a cycle.

A major change is about to arrive in your life like a marriage, a relocation, a divorce, a drastic career change or parenthood.

A life cycle is coming to a close a new one is about to begin.

You may feel a sense of loss and grief for what you are leaving behind but change is part of life and without it there is no true progress.

Like in a rite of passage from one status to another, you must learn to let go to grow and become someone new.

The other face of death is rebirth and this is the promise of this card, a new life after a major change.


Someone experiencing a major life change.

Reversed Tarot Card Meanings


Resistance to inevitable change. Inertia. Stagnation. Fear of change. Depression.

Tarot Card Interpretation

Your resistance to necessary change is depriving you of energy, you may feel fatigued, even exhausted.

Life may seem like a burden, everything is boring and devoid of meaning.

You are delaying your own progress. Learn to let go and embrace a necessary change.


Someone who clings to the past and is unable of development.

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