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Dark times

by Reen

When I was twenty-four, I had a dead end job, no love in my life and had no hope of returning to college. I suffered from depression was giving up on everything. I went to my mother's house and saw she had a set of tarot cards. She never even told me she had a curiosity for anything new age or mystical.

She was a church goer so this came as a surprise. She always tried to get me to go to church but it really wasn't something that connected with me. I believed in God, just not structured religion. So, as I said, seeing her with the tarot was shocking.

I really had no idea what tarot were. I knew there was something special about them but I really didn't know what. I asked her about them and she tried to explain but I was too caught up in the images before me. Suddenly she pushed the deck to me and told me to take them. She declared they didn't connect with her. I didn't really understand what that meant but I was thrilled.

I took the cards home and worked with them for hours. I followed the instructions and slowly began to learn each card. Within weeks, I was reading for others. and learning other things too. I learned to use pendulums and learned to read playing cards. I began buying new decks and continued to learn.

My mother looked at me one day and asked me what I loved about them. I looked her in the eye and said, "It brought me closer to my spirituality and God." In a way she got what she wanted too.

Oracles are me next step so this deck would be a blessing. Thank you for listening. Take care.

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