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Daily Tarot Reading Pros and Cons

Enjoy your daily tarot reading free and find out about its pros and cons.
Handling your cards and consider the outcome of a simple spread of cards it’s an easy pleasure and it will familiarise you with tarots and their meaning.

Pros of Daily Tarot Reading

In the morning a tarot reading will prepare you for your day and if you don’t believe the future is set in stone, it will give you a chance to meditate about the challenges of the day to come and how to face them in order to achieve the desired outcome.
In the evening, daily reading will give you a chance to relax, ponder your achievements and shortcomings of that day. A moment of introspection will help you guide your actions for the future.

Cons of Daily Tarot Card Reading

A tarot reading must never become a real addiction.
What in small doses is beneficial, in massive quantities can kill your free-thinking and right judgment.
Overanalyzing your actions in relation to the cards can become an obsession instead of gentle guidance and cloud your reason with doubts and confusion.

A Word of Caution

Some cards, like Death, The Hanging Man, The Devil, or The Tower are sometimes seen as “negative cards” and they can induce anxiety if you are not familiar with their meaning.
If they appear in your reading, don’t be intimidated and consider their meaning as a whole.
They carry also positive meanings and you can learn to use their energy to overcome your daily challenges.
If despite these considerations some cards still worry you, just remove them from the deck.
A serene disposition is the best way to start a tarot reading.

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