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Color Tarot Cards

Color tarot with these free downloadable cards and discover the power of colors in tarot images.

A simple and effective way to learn the meaning of each tarot card and get the essence of the interpretation is to color these free tarot cards.

Coloring helps to fix the image in your mind and interiorize its many meanings.

We offer you here a black and white version of the tarot de Marseille to find a new dimension to the tarot interpretation.

We chose the tarot de Marseille because it is one of the most antique tarot cards available today and its design keeps the feeling of the earliest decks.

The imaginary of this deck transcends the personal interpretation and the symbols are truly a collective work of art.

Borrow pencils and colors from your kids and get ready for some fun.

Of course you can use any color you like and paint the images freely without any reference to reality. Blue hair or green skin can give an image a completely different look and feel.

Any given color has the power to awake certain feelings and induce different sensation.

We give you here a quick guide to the meaning and the properties of each color to help you with your choice and stimulate your creativity.

Printable Tarot Cards

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How to Color Tarots

In tarot imagery also color has a meaning and this is the basic vocabulary but, when you color your own cards, let your intuition and creativity run free.


Energy and vitality. This color is associated with fire, heat, passion, blood, life, courage and anger.


Calm, tranquillity. Blue is the color of dependability, spirituality and mental stability.


Calming and healing. This color has a balancing influence. Green is the color of nature, of prosperity and youth.


Mental clarity and clear thinking. Yellow is a revitalizing color that helps mental sharpness.


Energetic and mildly stimulating. This color chases away worries and anxious feelings.


Linked to the earth, it represents stability, reliability and the material world.


Sensitivity and creative energy. This color is associated with spirituality, self-confidence and royalty.


Purity and cleanliness. White is the symbol of true love, it represents completion and wholeness because it is the synthesis of all other colors.


The absence of light and color. Black represents the dark and unknown but it also represents the soil, source of all life.


Neutrality. Grey is associated with maturity, wisdom and intelligence.

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