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Choosing a Tarot Deck – Card Meanings

Choosing a tarot deck can be confusing. Here you can find the perfect cards for your personality.
When choosing a tarot deck let your eyes, hands, and intuition guide you.
Prefer the images that talk to your imagination and stimulate your creativity and choose the colors you find more appealing.

Pick a Deck Tarot Made Easy

If possible handle the cards (or a same-sized deck of other cards) to have a feeling of how the cards may fit in your hands. If your hands are big, a mini deck can become annoyingly difficult to handle and if your hands are small, a big deck can be just too difficult to shuffle.
On this page, I matched the tarot decks with personality profiles of the Major Arcana tarot to help you choosing a tarot deck. So if you recognize yourself in a particular tarot card, your choice is easy!

Choosing a Tarot Deck Made Easy

No need to stress over choosing a tarot deck, just match your personality profile with your own tarot deck.
Choose the card in the left column that best represents your temperament and find on the right column what is your perfect match.

1. The Fool Tarot Card

If The Fool is your favorite card, you are open and optimistic, always ready for a new adventure.
The Osho Zen Tarot is modern and unconventional. It focuses on the here and now more than on the future and divination.
The pictures are vibrant and original but have very little to do with the traditional tarot symbols.
The cards, at least at the beginning, should be read with the help of the explanatory booklet that helps interpret the images in the lighthearted and simple language of zen.

The Magician Card

If you recognize yourself in The Magician tarot card, you’ll enjoy this deck inspired by the most esoteric members of the Golden Dawn.
The imagery of these stunning cards is filled with symbolism and mystery.
The Thoth tarot deck was created by artist Frieda Harris from sketches by Aleister Crowley (1875–1947), a brilliant and highly controversial personality of the Order of Golden Dawn.

2. The High Priestess Card

Are you drawn to the High Priestess tarot, with her deep feminine power and intuition?
You’ll like the Lenormand card deck. Find out here who was Mademoiselle Lenormand and the meaning of this famous tarot deck.

3. The Empress Tarot Card

Is the Empresses your card? You surely appreciate fine art and creativity.
The Golden Tarot is your deck, an antique looking tarot deck, made with a collection of collages composed with images from the Renaissance and Middle Ages.

The Empress will also appreciate a chance to express her creativity by coloring her own cards. Here you can download a coloring card deck.

4. The Emperor

If you appreciate the structure, stick to the rules and like tradition, these are your tarot card decks.
If you are just starting out your adventure with the tarot, the Tarot the Marseille is a must.
It is one of the oldest designs we can find today and the images have the mysterious and dreamlike quality that characterizes the earliest decks.

5. The Hierophant

Are you the Hierophant? He is the Pope, the teacher of great authority, the knowledgeable professor.
You will enjoy this antique and enigmatic tarot deck.
Le Minchiate Tarot offers beautifully rich imagery and is a must in any antique tarot decks collection. This edition by Lo Scarabeo comes with a useful booklet and in a nice box.

6. The Lovers Tarot Cards

The Lovers card stands for choice, love, passion, desire, and romance.
If this is your card of choice, you will appreciate the erotic tarot deck by famous Italian cartoon artist Milo Manara.

7. The Chariot

You are driving your own destiny and channeling opposite forces.

8. Strength Tarot Cards

Nature is your thing, you are in sinc with the forces of nature and its cycles.
The Wildwood tarot is based on Celtic mythology and presents a rich imagery of forest archetypes.
The Robin Wood Tarot is inspired by the classic Rider Waite cards, it offers a rich and vibrant imagery that will appeal to the pagan and Wiccan enthusiasts.

9. The Hermit Tarot

The Hermit will love to meditate and find the deep meaning of these antique tarot card decks.
The reproductions of historical and antique tarot cards are beautiful and fascinating for any tarot lover and collector but they will please especially the Hermit.

10. Wheel of Fortune

This card reminds us that not everything is under our control.

Circle of Life Tarot Deck

11. Justice Tarot

This card inspires fairness, justice, and stability.

12. The Hanged Man

You are in a pause of reflection and you consider things from a different perspective.

OSHO Transformation Tarot: 60 Illustrated Cards and Book for Insight and Renewal. 

13. Death Tarot Card

Death is your favorite card and you are drawn to the gothic and sinister.
Discover the story of the beautifully weird and rare Lovecraft tarot deck.

14. Temperance Tarots

Your role is blending carefully the extremes to achieve balance.
The angel tarot cards combine the appeal and power of taro with angel guidance. The angels’ message is always positive and inspiring but it still offers the magical power of traditional tarot.
This is a great tool for uplifting and comforting daily guidance in stressful moments or everyday life.

15. The Devil Cards Tarot

The Devil represents oppression and chains. Do you like the occult side of the tarot?

Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza

16. The Tower Card

Did you discover a startling new reality? Do you suddenly see things in a revealing light?
Discover a hidden reality with the puzzling symbolism of Dali’s Tarot.

17. The Star Tarot Card

You are now heading for healing, inspiration, and the star’s comforting light.
Download your free mini angel card deck!

18. The Moon

Is the Moon your card? Are you interested in the unconscious and the language of dreams?
Then the Robert Wang’s tarot deck is an excellent introduction to the work of Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology.

19. The Sun Tarot Card

This card represents the generosity of nature and abundance.

Gaian Tarot: Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves

20. Judgement Card

This is a renewal and transformation card. Are you ready for new perspectives?

The Motherpeace Round Tarot Deck.

21. The World Tarot Card

The World suggests the end of a cycle, an achievement, completion, and travel.
The Rider-Waite tarot deck is a landmark in your tarot exploration.
You can’t go wrong by choosing a tarot deck that is such a classic!
The World is yours and travels your passion. Explore a different culture with the Chinese tarot deck.

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