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Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Discover the Justice tarot card meaning, the 11th of Major Arcana tarot cards. Justice Tarot Card Symbolism This card depicts a woman holding a scale and a sword, a familiar figure we associate with justice although she is now blindfolded to represent the impartiality of the law. The sword in the woman’s right hand represents …

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The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

Find out the chariot tarot card meaning, the seventh of the Major Arcana tarot cards. Tarot Chariot Symbolism In this card is depicted a young chariot driver that stands boldly in a richly decorated cart. He wears a crown as a symbol of his power and ability to drive the chariot skillfully even without any …

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Real Tarot Reading Free

Enjoy a real tarot reading for free! Give us your story and receive your card reading. Yes, you read it right you can have a real tarot reading done by a real person (me) right here and it is free! No automated readers, no apps to download, no sign-in required, no tricks or gimmicks, just …

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