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Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

Find out about the Minor Arcana tarot card meanings to give more depth to your tarot readings. The Minor Arcana or “lesser secrets” represent people and situations related to our everyday life. They often depict events that are within our control. The structure of the Minor Arcana is easy to understand because it follows the …

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Major Arcana Meanings

Discover the Major Arcana Meanings, the first step to learn how to read tarot cards. Tarot Cards Reading 101 The Major Arcana or Trump cards represent the milestones in one’s life, the major changes, and the important events. They are made up of twenty-two cards, numbered from zero to twenty-one and they make the main …

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Printable Tarot Cards Meaning

These printable tarot cards meaning the booklet will speed up your tarot learning curve. The cards are associated by affinity or contrast to help you remember their current interpretation.Having troubles remembering the meaning of the Major Arcana? The Major Arcana Tarot Meanings Download a neat booklet with tarot interpretations you won’t forget! All cards are …

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