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Tarot Share!

Join the tarot share party! Tell us your story and receive a free tarot reading. Share your tarot skills and offer a reading. Yes, our tarot website is different. You might have noticed that we don’t stress the dark side of tarot, no veiled readers, and lugubrious pages here! We believe that a tarot reading …

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Free Automated Tarot Readings

Enjoy these free automated tarot readings. I screened the best free tarot card readings online for you.A free tarot online reading cannot be compared with a tarot interpretation done by a real person but virtual tarot is all the rage on the web and many sites offer a free tarot card reading online. Virtual tarot …

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Learn Tarot Free!

Learn tarot for free with online courses. Subscribe and receive in your mailbox installments that cover all the basics to start reading tarot cards effortlessly. New to tarot cards? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the card meanings, the layout, the choice of a tarot deck? I know, there is so much to learn but no …

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Printable Tarot Cards Meaning

These printable tarot cards meaning the booklet will speed up your tarot learning curve. The cards are associated by affinity or contrast to help you remember their current interpretation.Having troubles remembering the meaning of the Major Arcana? The Major Arcana Tarot Meanings Download a neat booklet with tarot interpretations you won’t forget! All cards are …

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Printable Angel Tarot Deck

Download your Angel Tarot cards for inspiration and gentle daily guidance. Following the best tarot tradition, I designed an original 22 angel tarot deck. I created the most ethereal angel images in tranquil colors to convey heartening messages and I infused them with positive energy. Free Angel Tarot Cards The cards are full size, each …

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