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Birth Tarot Cards | Tarot Card Reading by Date of Birth

Although The Tarot is often used to address personal issues via readings, you can also combine Numerology with Tarot. A reading will not give you a personalized set of cards. The set is the same, except for the Growth Cards. Your set may contain repeating cards. Readings tend to focus on temporary influences and events. However, your cards represent the influences that will stay with you throughout your life. Fill out the form below to get your cards.

Read Tarot Cards by Date of Birth

One of the many things that I learned from these workshops was the concept of birth cards. They serve a similar purpose to the Zodiac. They give you a sense of belonging, of having a place in this world, and of having a role. These systems recognize that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. We can accept our own faults and blessings and learn to appreciate the beautiful and strange wonders of the world around us.

The purpose of birth cards is to identify a part of you that is consistent, regardless of your moods, life events, or state of being. These cards can give you insight into the energy that was present at birth. You can also discover your greatest challenges, roles, and potentials in life through them.

Chart of Tarot Birthcard Combinations

Here’s a brief explanation of each birth card’s history, and what each pair  purpose is in life. We’ll add more detail if we get enough requests!

Tarot Birth Card Combinations

21 & 3: The World, The Empress

20 & 2: Judgement, The High Priestess

19 & 10 & 1: The Sun, The Wheel, The Magician

18 & 9: The Moon, The Hermit

17 & 8: The Star, Strength

16 & 7: The Tower, The Chariot

15 & 6: The Devil, Lovers

14 & 5: Temperance, The Hierophant

13 & 4: Death, The Emperor

12 & 3: The Hanged Man, The Empress

11 & 2: Justice, The High Priestess

10 & 1: The Wheel, The Magician

Tarot Birth Card Meanings

Your path to self-actualization is about bringing together all of your parts in order to feel at home in the world. You will follow this path guided by love (both giving and receiving) This caring, loving aspect of you will guide you to fulfillment and be the gift that you give to others.

Judgement & High Priestess Cards

This path involves breaking down limitations and releasing yourself from limiting beliefs. Your intuition (The High Priestess) will guide you. It is by learning to trust your inner voice and creating the most important work that you will succeed.

Moon & Hermit Cards

Your path is about finding clarity in the darkness, finding truth in an uncertain world. We are presented with illusions, dreams, and phantoms by the Moon. It’s about the hidden facets just beneath the surface. The hermit is someone who seeks inner truth in order to find their own wisdom.

Star & Strength Tarot Cards

This is a path of hope. It requires you to choose to see all the good in life with optimism (The Star), and it will require you to have great inner strength. You have the option to move away from sadness and towards healing. This requires great resilience during times of pain. Hope is the source of your actions, and strength is the assurance that you will succeed.

Tower & Chariot Card Pairs

You are the one who can restore balance to the world in the face of violent transformation. Your sense of balance will guide you in the face of revolutionary change. To reveal a new path forward, the Tower will destroy foundations and structures ruthlessly. However, this energy will be guided and controlled by the Chariot’s careful and deliberate control of impulses.

The Devil & Lovers Pair

This pair of birth cards indicates deep sensuality – the Devil is the combination between the divine and beastly. While he is playful in the realms of the material, his pure enjoyment can cause some to become slaves. His passionate, animalistic nature is enhanced by the love of his lovers. His beauty is the best part of the horror.

Temperance & Hierophant Cards

Your path is one that guides you – using your great wisdom (The Hierophant), to bring peace and calm to conflict (Temperance). These two cards are like having two great advisors. One has the keys to long-established knowledge and the other has the gentle serenity that can unify disparate groups.

Death and the Emperor Tarot Pair

The Death card in this path represents the end of cycles, or closing doors to allow others to open new ones. This is where the Emperor’s power and authority, as well as his structure, are required to ensure stability and security. To ensure the success of the new cycle, it will need a strong and determined hand to guide its movements.

Hanged Man & Empress Pair

This path is gentle progress through moments of delays and the willful sacrifices made by the Hanged Man with the nurturing care provided by the Empress. The empress’s love guides the Hanged Man to his spiritual path when he is confronted with his decision to stay in suspension.

Justice & High Priestess Card Pair Meaning

Your path combines clarity, fairness, harmony, and deep intuitive understanding with knowledge and insight. Justice and the High Priestess deal with both the transactional side of life and the spiritual. Justice’s objectivity, sharp decision-making, and deep insights are powerful complements to your insights.

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