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Archangel Michael Visitation

I was giving a new client a reiki treatment. My hands were focused on her body as were my eyes. I felt a presence in the room.

When I lifted up my head I saw an angel step through the wall into the room. He was so very tall that he had to stoop so as not to bump his head on the ceiling. My first thought was this must be the Archangel Michael because I had been told once that the archangels are tall. I don't know why I thought it was Michael, I was just sure it was.

I wasn't sure that I should tell my client about the angel visitation, so I kept quiet. Before the session was over the woman asked if I ever sensed angels. I quietly answered, "Yes," as I continued to look over at the beautiful being of light that was sending enormous amounts of love and caring into the room. She then told me that she had always felt a strong connection to the Archangel Michael. So, I told her he was in the room. It was an amazing experience!

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