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Angels Do Exist

by Lynda Duroux
(Brisbane Qld)

In 2009 I tried to take my life I nearly made it, my doctors where amazed that I lived most people I have told this story to don't believe it. But this the truth.

I took a very large amount of valium working in medical all my life I knew how much I need and what drugs to mix them with the last thing I remember clearly I was alone at the water.

I am told that I drove my car back to my place which should have been impossible as I could not have even been able to stand, let lone drive a car.

What I do remember is it felt like someone else had taken over my body at that time I thought I was dreaming. My daughter left work early as she got a bad feeling she came home to find me unconscious, I was rushed to hospital.

I don't remember this. What I do remember is that a doctor spoke to me he told me I still had a lot to live for and to this day I still remember what he looked like his beautiful dark brown eyes dark skin and very dark shoulder length hair.

He stroked my face and told me that I was very loved and I still had a lot of love to give to others. He also told me to go and see a lady named Lynn, she would guide me to where I should go.

He said in the morning you will feel a lot better and your strength will be returned with that he laid his hand on my head and told me to sleep because when I awake my destiny awaited me.

The next morning I did wake and felt so alive inside. I asked the nurses and the other doctor who saw me the name of the doctor who talked to me but one of them knew.

As for the woman Lynn I found her in the local paper and she did guide me to where I am now. Anyone who denies there is no God or angels guides they are sadly mistaken.

Since then I have been awaken spiritually and there is no doubt God does exist so does his Angels and our guides, all we have to do is listen.

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