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History of Oracle and Angel Cards

Oracle cards are cards designed for divination.

The angel cards are oracle cards with images inspired by angels.

The first oracle cards were created by French occultist Jean-Baptiste Alliette (1738-1791), better known as Ettelia.

He was the first professional tarot reader. He created a deck of cards for cartomancy that incorporated occult symbols in the images and had also de pip cards illustrated.

Marie Anne Lenormand (1772-1843), a famous French cartomancer, designed and used a divinatory card deck later called the Lenormand card deck.

Alphonse-Luis Constant, another Parisian occultist born in 1810, who later changed his mane in Eliphas Levi, linked the tarot to the the Kabalah and created a new tarot that used icons from various traditions.

Many of his images were replicated in modern tarot decks.

Probably the best known of the oracle card decks is the one created by Arthur Edward Waite and artist Pamela Coleman Smith, the Waite-Smith or Rider-Waite tarot deck.

In time many more beautiful oracle card decks were created for the specific purpose of card reading.

The angel cards are among the latest creation among the oracle cards.

Angels have often been messengers to humans and it seems fitting that angel images are used to convey messages and advice to the card readers.

The illustrations of angel cards go from simple and straightforward to elaborate and inspiring.

The structure of some decks follow the traditional tarot cards construction while others create something completely new.

Every angel tarot reading retains the magic of the traditional tarot with soothing, positive messages and inspiring, powerful images.

Angel tarot cards are easy to love, they convey a gentle, safe and comforting message and can be used for meditation, occasional card reading or daily guidance.

Popular Angel Tarot Cards Decks

Messages from Your Angels - Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

44 large cards with guide book.

Each card carries the image of an angel with the name and a message.

The angels' names are sometimes puzzling: Chantall, Francesca, Vanessa and Rosetta sound more mundane than angelic names to me.

The booklet offers refreshingly easy to follow instructions, card spreads for almost any kind of questions and a further additional message for each card.

Anyone can immediately prepare a card layout and intuitively do a reading.

The messages on the cards are profound and allow surprisingly accurate readings. 

The images are by different authors and vary greatly in style and quality sometimes even within the work of the same author.

Maybe a uniform style would have made the artwork more pleasing to the eye.

Overall I really like these angel tarot cards for the amazing reading accuracy they deliver and the immediate ease of use.

The Angel Blessings Kit: Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration

44 cards and guidebook in a luxury edition. A great oracle card deck for the art lover.

Each card is the reproduction of a timeless work of art depicting an angel and completed with the angel name and a description.

The deck includes angel images by Raphael, Turner, Verrocchio, Rossetti and many other master painters.

The inclosed booklet offers more detailed descriptions of the angel cards but sometimes it gets too wordy and the author looses our attention with too much detail especially when the tiny print makes the book so difficult to read.

These angel tarot cards are great for daily inspiration and an excellent tool for meditation. 

Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue

78 cards and a well written guide book.

The deck follows the structure of a classic tarot deck but the cards always offer an uplifting message.

The Major Arcana cards correspond to archangels.

The traditional card suits are substituted with symbols of the four elements: wands are fire represented by dragons, swords are air depicted as unicorns, pentacles are hearth symbolized by fairies, cups are water represented by mermaids.

The most (unjustly) feared tarot cards have been given more digestible names that still carry the meaning of traditional cards: The Hanged Man is called Awakening, Death is represented by Release, The Devil becomes Ego and The Tower turns into Life Experience.

These substitutions necessarily narrow the interpretation of the traditional tarot cards but also make angel tarot cards easier to read.

This card deck is comforting and easy to use, great for anyone intimidated by the traditional tarot deck.

To facilitate the reading, there are phrases at the bottom of each image.

The cards are rather thick and shuffling the deck can be challenging.

Spreading them on the table and mixing them up with a circular motion may solve the problem.

Dark Angels Tarot Deck

Discover your dark side with these Gothic style angel tarot cards.

The images are kind of gloomy, in an emo style but never creepy or upsetting.

The Major Arcana don't have names but just numbers, the minor arcana are marked with symbols and colors that are difficult to make out which can be frustrating.

With this deck it is impossible to use reversal card meanings because the picture on the back of the cards reveals the orientation.

Great angel tarot cards if you are drawn to the most sad and mournful aspect of life. 

Your Free Angel Cards

Do you use angel tarot cards? Which is your favorite angel deck? And your guiding angel? Do you have a great angel story?

Share your angel story below and receive a fantastic angel deck for free!

The angels on the cards are depicted as the exquisite arquebusier angels of the Peruvian tradition.

These style of painting became popular in Peru in the 17th century.

The angels are dressed in rich clothes inspired by the fashion of the Spanish aristocracy of the period.

Typically, these angels are armed with antique firearms,  instead of the traditional swords of the warrior angels.

The results are lovely images that are at the same time intriguing and captivating as you can see in the pictures.

We coupled each image with an angel name from the biblical tradition and a gift or a word of advice from that particular angel.

This 20 cards deck offers gentle guidance and inspiration. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, in doubt or you just need a moment of reflection and meditation, reach for your angel cards, shuffle the deck, choose a card and turn it.

Take a moment to consider the angles' message and relate it to your situation. If you wish you can take the card with you during the day for motivational guidance.

At the end of the day express gratitude to the angel for the help and put the card away with the rest of the deck. 


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