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Printable Angel Tarot Deck

Download your Angel Tarot cards for inspiration and gentle daily guidance.
Following the best tarot tradition, I designed an original 22 angel tarot deck.
I created the most ethereal angel images in tranquil colors to convey heartening messages and I infused them with positive energy.

Free Angel Tarot Cards

The cards are full size, each one carries the name of a different angel and his own message. The deck comes with a set of card reverses to make your deck easier to handle.
This card deck is designed to offer insight and motivation. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, in doubt or you just need a moment of reflection and meditation, reach for your angel cards.

You can’t go wrong when reading these cards, for the Law of Attraction every time you choose a card from the deck, it’s automatically the right card that reflects your situation and your emotions.

How to Use the Angel Cards

Prepare your cards with care and love, shuffle them while thinking about a question.
Layout the cards and choose the one that attracts your attention.
Pay special attention to cards that jump out of the deck, they might carry a special message.
If you need clarification, draw an extra card.
Take a moment to consider the angles’ message and relate it to your situation.
If you wish you can take the card with you during the day for motivational guidance.
At the end of the day express gratitude to the angel for the help and put the card away with the rest of the deck.
You can also use the classic, simple layouts for more complex reading.

Free Angel Tarot Cards Reading

The angels on the cards are depicted as the exquisite warrior angels of the Peruvian tradition rendered in muted, soft, and calming colors.
This unusual style of painting became popular in Peru in the 17th century.
The angels are dressed in rich clothes inspired by the fashion of the Spanish aristocracy of the period.
Typically, these angels are armed with antique firearms, instead of the traditional swords of the warrior angels.
The results are lovely images that are at the same time intriguing and captivating.

The Angel Names

Researching, I was surprised to find out that actually, the biblical tradition passed us only three angel names: Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael.
The cabalistic tradition, on another end, reports names and distinguishing qualities of a multitude of angels.
In the Hebraic tradition, all angel names end in -iah, -ael, -el or -iel from the different appellations of God.
In fact, each Angel name represents a divine attribute and symbolizes that specific quality that is expressed in the messages they carry to you.

How to Print your Angel Tarot Deck

The full deck can be printed on five A4 size paper sheets.
To enjoy at their best the beautiful colors of the pictures, make sure your printer has enough toner, choose the thickest paper your printer can handle, and print the card deck.
Cut out the cards and, if you wish, you can glue the included card reverse to the back of the cards to make them sturdier and more durable.
For a final touch, you can laminate the cards.

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