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Angel grandma

by Anel
(South Africa)

I'm not one for Story telling, but my interest came after my grandmother passed away 2 years ago.

She fell ill and was in hospital actually doing very well recovering was going good. Now I don't live in the same town as her, but my parents went to go see her and this day was her birthday so we had a long video call.

She asked me please to come visit her in December was only one month away, and I promised to go see her. This was on November the 8th.

After a few days my parents were concerned as she was not talking sense at all, but she was still recovering well everything was normal.

On the 17th she was taken back home, but because my aunt was working and could not take care of her she was placed into a home to recover.

On the 18th I phoned her and she seemed her old self but extremely unhappy about being in the home and her words were: "I'm going to die they are here to fetch me".

I didn't take much note of that, but had this gut feeling something was very wrong. That night after midnight I was woken by her calling me, as I looked up into the dark, this bright light appeared and I saw my grandmother and an angel was behind her. I knew she went instantly.

About a hour later my mom came knocking and before she could tell me, I told her my grandmother died, and to shock she could not understand how I knew. I do regret not being able to see her before she passed away, but I'm knowing she is in a better place with the angels.

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