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Angel Cards: My Name is Isobel

by Alina

I was at a workshop about past lives and healing through writing.

A person that does Angel Therapy heard what I was saying about me being overwhelmed by an inexplicable "missing home" feeling and the sensation that this was my last life on earth (I misspelled earth here, called it heart the first time), one that would be full of joy, a chance to rejoice and be happy, although my life experience so far seemed to point in the other direction and she gave me a message that I'm still not sure what to think about.

It scared me at first, then I just decided it really doesn't matter. The message said: "You are an angel that came on Earth. You are remembering where you came from and this is the origin for you sadness. Ask for our help"

I do ask the angels for help, especially Michael. I talk to him like he is my friend and not just an etherical presence. Sometimes I even say to him: "What the hell, Michael? What are you watching for?" It seems to calm me down really fast in times of distress.

Also, I remembered this year that my grandmother said to me when I was a child that the priest named me the feminine equivalent for Michael when I was baptized. I forgot this until now.

If I am really an incarnate angel, then my name is Isobel. I would really like to know the meaning behind this name, because I feel it stands for something.

I searched the etymology of the word and it may come from elizabeth (my other grandmother's name) which means "oath to god", but I feel there's more to it. As you noticed, I have a strong affinity to symbols and hidden meaning.

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