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Angel Card Reading for Lynnie W.

I am in love with a wonderful man but, because of circumstances out of our control (distance, jobs and children), we can't be together at the moment. My issue is that I love him very much but occasionally feel confused about whether he loves me and I hate that I put so much worry into the situation.

I would just really like some clarity as to whether staying on this path with him is right. I should also say that my issues are never with him as a person. I enjoy him so much every time we interact and I know we have some kind of special connection.

I feel like I am at a crossroads and that I really want to know whether I should keep going, or whether I should stop making an effort and see what happens.

We have been long-distance dating for over two years. He feels guilty that he isn't able to give me the love and attention I wish I had. I don't complain about this to him, but sometimes I feel like he's simply forgotten about me. I know he's genuinely busy but part of me feels like if he really wanted and loved me, he would make the time.

Can you help me gain clarity on this issue? Would continuing to be committed to making this relationship work be in my best interest?


Your Angel is Vasariah. His gift is the ability to overcome difficulties. He gives us the inner strength we need when we struggle with daily worries and points us in the right direction for success when we need to make a choice.
Your presents from the angels are: love, adaptability, well-being, luck, wisdom, health and balance.
They will protect you from: accidents, fire and falls.

1 The Situation
Experience: get involved without fear

2 Advice
Partnership: offer your help freely

3 Outcome
Activity: it's time to take action

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