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An Angel Saved Me

by Evelyn
(São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil)

When I was about 3 years old my Mom yelled at me, to stay by her side, while she was breast feeding my younger sister. I was spoiled and I ran away through the stairs.

Meanwhile my father was helping my great grandmother to enter our house.
I saw an empty cabinet, but no one told me that my father was still working on it.

I pulled the door, and the whole huge iron cabinet fell over me, but, when I was on the ground, I looked to my right, and I saw an Angel, a blond, blue eyed Angel, and my Dad started screaming and also my great grandmother, and they went running.

My father told me that I was smiling, while I was laying on the ground when he pulled the cabinet to save me.

He was amazed and said it was a miracle, because the doors opened and I got in the middle of the opened doors, so the cabinet's weight was over the doors.

Since then, a lot of people see angels by my side, I haven't seen them anymore, I just feel this magical feeling.

Thank you for the opportunity!
Kiss Kiss!!!

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