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A dream meeting with Raziel

When I was young,I remember all too well,starting school,and struggling.It just so happened,that as a non-francophone it was hard to master French,at a French Private School.It was very hard.I also suffered from enormous concentration issues.

I was enraptured by the whimsical thoughts brewed by my mind.And I couldn't immerse myself properly in my classes.It wasn't a lack of interest as with most children,it was a genuine problem concentrating,when so many interesting things could be pondered.

My first school year was filled with that,and as I began to descend more and more,I cried.

I tend to take things very seriously,and worry a lot.So when I found out about my grades,I immediately cried myself to sleep.I will never forget the dream that I had therein.

I found myself in a lucid dream,I was aware of the waking world and my problems within,but I was still in a magniloquent library of what seemed like gold.Scrolls filled several shelves as only the sunlight pierced through the flower frescos on the windows.

And he stood,behind a counter of wood,with an odd lightning-shaped sigil on it.He had clear,blonde hair,and wore a robe,grey as the mist,swept in some sort of wind.He had a faint,blue glow about him,as he read from his tome.His name,was Raziel.

I conversed to this angel,he showed me the importance of learning,he gave me his blessing,and when I awoke,my entire academic life changed.And so,I will never forget the archangel of Chokmah.

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