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Tarot Fiesta, Issue #53 - Minor Arcana Easy Read Tarot
February 16, 2017
Hello welcome to our latest issue of Tarot Fiesta News!

The Minor Arcana Easy Read Tarot

Are Here!

The Minor Arcana of the Easy Read Tarot deck are now available!

Are you struggling to remember the meaning of each tarot card? Learning all the interpretations seems like an impossible task?

Don't worry, with the Easy Read Tarot you can start reading cards right away.

Each card has few key words printed under to the picture. Download them, cut them out, fold, shuffle, pick your cards and read!

It doesn't get any easier.

This is a fantastic tool to jog your memory and associate the meaning to the card.

Later, when you get more confident, you can cut out the interpretation and use the pocket size deck.

And for a limited time only you can have the Minor Arcana at half price if you share the link on Facebook or Twitter!

To find your offer just click on the Buy Now button and you'll find out how to share the deck on your favorite social.

Did you miss the Major Arcana?

No problem, if you share the Major Arcana link, you can have it for free!

What are you waiting for? The offer ends soon, don't miss it!

Click to the link below, go to the page and take advantage of this great offer before it ends!


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I hope you enjoyed this issue of Tarot Fiesta News.

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I would like to thank here all our readers whether they are regular visitors or new to the site and especially all the contributors to our pages.

They all made my job more rewarding and our site more interesting for everyone.

All your contributions are really appreciated!

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