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Tarot Fiesta, Issue #54 - Love Tarot Spreads
March 20, 2017
Hello welcome to our latest issue of Tarot Fiesta News!

What's a Tarot Spread?

Do you want to make your reading fluid and effortless?

With a printed tarot layout you don't have to memorize the position and meaning of the cards of your spread.

Just print the charts, choose the the appropriate layout between: Secrets, Soulmate Finder, Bleeding Heart, Relationship Snapshot, Which Way?, New Love and Love Finder, place the tarots in their appropriate position and read.

These elegant charts will let you concentrate on the cards and enhance your tarot reading.

Here is what the tarot spreads look like: inspiring and easy to use. Just what you need for a motivational reading!

And to make your reading super effortless couple the spreads with the Easy Read Major and Minor Arcana.

As valued visitor of our website you can use the code TAROTFIESTA when downloading and get the Love Spreads and the Easy Read Tarot at half price.

Tarot reading was never so easy and accurate!


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The Major Arcana cards tell us the story of the archetypal journey of the Fool and they can be read and memorized as stages of self-realization that deal with major life experiences.

Choosing Tarot Card Decks by Personality Profile
Looking for a tarot deck that is truly yours? I matched the tarot decks with personality profiles of the Major Arcana tarot to help you with your choice. So if you recognize yourself in a particular tarot card, your choice is easy!

Printable Tarot Cards Meanings
This printable tarot cards meanings booklet will speed up your tarot learning curve. The cards are associated by affinity or contrast to help you remember their current interpretation.

Sola Busca Tarot Deck
Download the Sola Busca tarot cards, the oldest tarot deck that arrived complete to us. The Sola Busca deck is the earliest tarot deck designed with this classic structure that was followed by most later decks. It is said that also artist Pamela Coleman Smith, author of the Rider-Waite tarot deck, was inspired by the Sola Busca tarot.

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I hope you enjoyed this issue of Tarot Fiesta News.

Visit our website frequently as we are constantly updating it with information, resources and tips.

I would like to thank here all our readers whether they are regular visitors or new to the site and especially all the contributors to our pages.

They all made my job more rewarding and our site more interesting for everyone.

All your contributions are really appreciated!

Visit us soon at Tarot Cards!

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