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Tarot Fiesta, Issue #039 -- Judgment Tarot
June 24, 2015
Hello welcome to our latest issue of Tarot Fiesta News!

Tarot: 20 Le Jugement, The Judgment
Tarot: 20 Le...

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The Judgment Tarot Card

The Judgment Tarot Card - Are You Being Judged, Or is it a Fresh Start For You? By []Alison Yates

The Judgment card, when it appears in a reading for you, or for your client, can be seen as a very positive card. It means that the time has arrived when the past can be left behind and we can move on with our lives at last.

Some of the questions this card poses when it is drawn in a tarot reading are:

* Do you harbour a grudge, and if so, can you forgive and forget at last?

* Are difficult times the best times to make a fresh start with renewed hope?

* Are there any mistakes you have made for which you have never forgiven yourself?


For meanings related to personality, either yours or other recipient of this card, Judgement indicates someone who knows what they want and is not afraid to ask for it. The person represented by this card is not afraid to express opinions, make hard choices and choose the direction of greatest resistance.

Family and friends

A major influence of this card is renewed hope and fresh starts. This bodes well for relationships of all kinds, but particularly between family members and friends. Difficulties can be overcome, upsets and misunderstanding forgotten, friendships renewed and repaired.


For health, the Judgement card can mean that choices are to made about the kind of life you should be leading. Perhaps it is time to make healthy life choices such as changing what we eat and how we use (and abuse) our bodies. This will bring a sense of feeling cleansed and refreshed. New vigour will be the reward.

Love Life

The past can be left behind with this card. Guilt, sorrow, feelings of missed opportunities, can all be forgotten. Forgive yourself, and those close to you, and any relationships will grow and become closer.


In connection with career, work and your prospects for financial success, the Judgement card indicated you will become aware of a new lucrative direction. This will be a realisation of a new true vocation, coupled with the impulse to take advantage of opportunities. It's a great card for career aspects.

The Judgement card is one of powerful transformational energy. It provides the power and impetus for you to re-evaluate your life, and to consider improvements. Options, choices and opportunities that come before you will be taken advantage of because of the courage and power this card provides you. A bold course of action can change your life with this card. Ill health concerns will recede and a new lease of life will be enjoyed. Any legal judgements will go in your favour. This is a time of rebirth, a releasing from burdens, and overcoming obstacles before moving on.

Don't be afraid of judgement on your past -- look forward to the future and leave the past behind you now.

Alison Yates wrote this article. Download her free course on Reading the Tarot and a free Psychic Ability Guide:

Article Source: [,-Or-is-it-a-Fresh-Start-For-You?&id=1752443] The Judgment Tarot Card - Are You Being Judged, Or is it a Fresh Start For You?

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