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Tarot Fiesta, Issue #59 - Halloween Party
October 28, 2017
Hello welcome to our latest issue of Tarot Fiesta News!

Halloween Tarot Party

Celebrate Halloween with a tarot party!

Here are some cool ideas for your fiesta.

One on One Card Reading

You can offer your guests a tarot reading.

My recommendation is to keep it short and sweet because probably everyone will want a go.

A single card reading is at the same time simple, elegant, quick and to the point. You could also have your guest choose a card from the face up deck and than comment about the meaning of that special tarot for him or her.

Another idea is to use the classic but always appropriate three card spread. Past/Present/Future or Situation/Advice/Outcome are evergreen. These spreads would not take more than 15 minutes for each reading but they still offer an interesting insight.

If you feel in tune with your friend you can try the Pilgrim Spread, a three card layout. The three cards in the spread will represent: Where You Are/ Where You Want to Go/ How to Get There. This layout demands a little work of introspection from the seeker but it certainly gives more understanding.

Why not try the fun Dragon spread? Ask your friend to choose deliberately a card that represents the dragon he or she is fighting with.Then choose a second card that represents the weapon to kill that dragon and a third one that stands for the dragon’s treasure your friend is going to get once the dragon is vanquished.

Group Activities

But probably the most fun way to read the cards in a tarot fiesta is a shared reading where everyone participates with ideas and interpretation.

If your friends are attuned and supportive, this will be a creative and uplifting experience for everyone.

No previous knowledge of the tarot is required, often the results of this activity are surprising, especially if your guests have never seen a tarot deck before.

It’s amazing what fresh eyes can see in the tarot symbols. Sometimes the explanations are absolutely unexpected and to the point!

Here are some activities you can try with your guests.

Ask your friends to choose a card that represents themselves and then describe why they feel drawn to that particular card.

Invite your guests to give each other a card as a gift and then explain what the card means and why they picked it.

One member of the group can choose a card that represents the problem he or she is facing and then on turns each of the group chooses a card that offers a solution to that particular problem.

Did you have a tarot fiesta? Share your pics!

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I hope you enjoyed this issue of Tarot Fiesta News.

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