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Tarot Fiesta, Issue #60 - Free Tarot Layouts
December 03, 2017
Hello welcome to our latest issue of Tarot Fiesta News!

Free Download!

Download here 7 free tarot layouts for an accurate love and relationship analysis.

Choose the appropriate layout, place the tarot cards and read, it doesn't get any easier!

Get 3 for 1

And to make your reading super effortless couple the layouts with the Easy Read Major and Minor Arcana.

As valued visitor of our website you can use the code EASYTAROT when downloading and get the Love Spreads and the Easy Read Tarot at half price.

Tarot reading was never so easy and accurate! Click below to find out more

Easy read tarot page

Website Search Engine

Now you can easily search my website with the search engine at the top of each page. This is a picture of what the SE looks like.

You can't remember what is a significator or what is the meaning of a tarot card? When you are on the website, just enter a keyword or a query in the SE and click on search.

Free Tarot Reading Course!

Learn to read tarot in seven easy steps.

Subscribe to our free tarot course and you'll receive in your mailbox the seven installments of the course at three days intervals to give you time to practice.

With this flash course and the Easy Read Tarot you'll be set to read tarot with confidence.

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Did you Enjoy my Tarot Course?

Did you like my tarot lessons? Did you find them useful? I could I improve?

Send me your opinion here and receive a free tarot deck to download!


What's New

Printable Tarot Cards
Download rare printable tarot cards and start right now an outstanding tarot collection.

Printable Tarot Cards Meanings
This printable tarot cards meanings booklet will speed up your tarot learning curve. The cards are associated by affinity or contrast to help you remember their current interpretation.

I hope you enjoyed this issue of Tarot Fiesta News.

Visit our website frequently as we are constantly updating it with information, resources and tips.

I would like to thank here all our readers whether they are regular visitors or new to the site and especially all the contributors to our pages.

They all made my job more rewarding and our site more interesting for everyone.

All your contributions are really appreciated!

Visit us soon at Tarot Cards!

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