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Tarot Fiesta, Issue #045 - Four of Wands Upright and Reversed in the Rider Waite Smith Deck of Tarot
April 21, 2016
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Four of Wands Upright Meaning

Four of Wands Upright and Reversed in the Rider Waite Smith Deck of Tarot Cards

Four of Wands Upright and Reversed in the Rider Waite Smith Deck of Tarot Cards
By Amanda Goldston

Four of Wands Upright and Reversed

In the Four of Wands card in the Rider Waite Smith deck of Tarot Cards, you can see Four wands decorated with lush, green wreaths and abundant fruit indicating success and plenty. Two maidens are dancing with flowers and other people are dancing in the background outside the walls of the town.

Meaning of the 4 of Wands Upright

The 4 of Wands in the Rider Waite Smith deck of Tarot cards is a card which often indicates a marriage or an engagement. It can also be a successful business partnership.

It might be friends, spouses or romantic partners going into business with each other as well. Whoever is involved, there is a huge amount of passion, drive, enthusiasm and energy. The project would seem to be well thought out and have a stable foundation.

It is about "doing" something creative together rather than just thinking about it. This can also be successful participation in a club or hobby based activity.

This is a card of celebration of success, balance, unity, co-operation, harmony, stability and success. It can also indicate teamwork.

The number four can also indicate the four corners of the home and point towards the physical structure of the home or of a building and to the successful completion of projects in the home.

In relation to the home or to a physical building, the other cards around will indicate how successful this project will be.

Meaning of the 4 of Wands Reversed

In the Reversed position, the Four of Wands is pointing to a lack of stability with a partnership or marriage. The wands now look as if they are resting on sand, rather than being firmly fixed in the ground. The card is now dominated by the grey town in the background, which is now at the top of the card.

Grey can often symbolize old age, rigidity and lack of flexibility, although it might be fair to say that there are some lessons to be learnt.

Any business or relationship structures that are in place are likely to be quite rigid, with little room for celebration and free thinking. There is very little in way of energy or passion and it may feel as if the creation is more of a dying dinosaur than a living, breathing project.

Projects relating to physical buildings need to be approached with care, as the physical structure may have problems and may be unstable. It may look strong, however there can be issues with the firmness of the foundations, upon which it is built.

Amanda Goldston
Tarot Author and Coach
� 2011 Amanda Goldston

Amanda Goldston is a Tarot Author and Coach, with over 16 years experience of reading tarot cards. Through her online and offline courses, books and programmes, she shows people how to read tarot cards in order to develop Intuition and Creativity, understand themselves and others and develop empowered decision-making skills.

She is the author of "Develop Your Intuition Through Tarot."

For all of Amanda's products and services, as well as a free Tarot Card of the Day Reading please visit

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