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6 of Swords

by Mary
(Hephzibah, GA, USA)

Every day is a different card for me. As a Libra, I am drawn to all the cards, but I have just recently been told by an unexpected person that I have a peacefulness about me that encompasses those around me. My presence has alway brought about a change either for the people or the location whether for good or bad is anyone's guess. Another person explained to me that the number 6 is always around me - it is my "good luck" number (?) - and its half (3) is also significant for me, but I'm not sure how.

I can tell you that I always have strangers talk to me (there's no one stranger than I am, so I make them feel comfortable I suppose). I get to hear stories from all sorts of people from all areas of life. Sometimes I get to hear things I would rather not hear, other times I wish I could hear more and I'm sad when the story ends.

I probably shouldn't get a tarot deck because I scare people when I read for them, but I enjoy them so much.

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