Tarot Card Games and Fun

Tarot card games and fortune telling fun: discover the entertaining side of tarot cards!

The Tarot Game

This board game that can be used alone or in company for learning  about oneself and the tarot, for  meditation, problem solving, fortune telling or just for fun.

It is an excellent way to learn to read the tarot instinctively and unlike most social games, this one puts stress on cooperation instead of competition and at the end everyone comes out as a winner.

Playing in a group is more entertaining but this game can be used also by a single player as a tool for problem solving or meditation.

This board game is suitable for all ages and for any level of tarot experience.

The actual board is brightly colored and is contained in a made to last box with a magnetic closure.

Any tarot aficionado will find this game instructional and entertaining to play alone or in group.

The Tarot's Misfortune

The purpose of this computer game is to help Rosalie the fortune-teller to recover her stolen tarot card deck  to use their magical powers to defeat a shady evil magician  and rescue the village of Luzio.

The game player will have to help Rosalie to escape the village prison and find her tarot cards scattered around the town.

The quest takes place in a vividly depicted gipsy village and in each scene the player has to find hidden objects.

With each card found the player obtains information about the tarot and the fortune teller regains her magic until she is able to save the town.

Mystic Pyramid

The Mystic Pyramid is a fortune telling game, the updated version of the classic fortune telling Magic 8 Ball : ask your question,  press down on the Pyramid and listen to its response.

The four sides of the pyramid light up , and a powerful deep voice delivers bits of wisdom. There are more than one hundred possible responses.

The pyramid has an attractive and decorative design and when not in use it tuns itself off automatically.

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