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Best resources for tarot cards for sale online and how to cleanse your second hand cards.

Tarot Cards for Sale in Shops and Bookstores

Most book stores have tarot cards for sale in the spirituality or religion section.

Also new age and metaphysical shops offer many tarot decks to choose from but often, in these and in the book stores, you won't be able to open and see the deck before purchasing it.

As the information you'll find on the box is usually very limited and rarely helpful, I find it easier to buy tarot decks on line. 

But first have a look at my review page to find your perfect deck!

Where to Buy Tarot Cards for Sale Online

Amazon is a great resource: the prices are competitive, there is a great variety of tarot decks available, it is possible to read the customers' reviews and often you can see pictures of some of the cards.

Another inexhaustible source of tarot cards is eBay, where you can find antique, out-of-print and vintage tarot cards to enrich your collection.

Click on this link to find out about the most interesting antique tarot card decks.

On eBay it's often possible to buy new tarot decks at great prices and, if you don't like bidding, the "buy it now" option is usually available.

If you like vintage cards, remember to check if it is complete.

Keep in mind that a deck with only the Major Arcana is made of 22 cards and a complete, traditional Marseille deck is made of 78 cards.

Cleansing Used Cards

Some tarot readers believe that when the cards are not new and have been handled by someone else, they have to be "cleansed" or "washed" to get rid of possible bad vibes or troubling influences.

A traditional way to cleanse the cards is to put them in order and then store them with a stone or rose quartz crystal that is believed to have cleansing properties.

Another way to wash the cards is to pass them through incense smoke or expose them to the light of full moon.

An easy way to cleanse the cards is to spread the all deck on a table and move them around with a circular motion to mix them. Then order them by suit and number and finally store them wrapped in silk. 

If you think a cleansing of the cards is in order, just follow your intuition and adopt the method that feels right for you.

The main thing is to love, handle and get to know your tarot cards to make them truly yours.

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