Tarot Card Layouts
Generic Tarot Card Spreads

Did you practice with the basic tarot card layouts? It is time now for more complex, general tarot card spreads! Find out how learning to read tarot cards can be rewarding.

These classic tarot card layouts are not too difficult to handle and are an excellent starting point to further learning.

If in doubt, consult our website or print these pages for reference and remember that practice makes perfect!

Learning to read tarot cards involves a lot of practice, do it for yourselves, friends and family.

It will be a refreshing moment of meditation of you and others will appreciate the attention you give them.

General Tarot Card Layouts

The Triangle

Here is a simple spread, ideal for most situations.

1 Present: How you feel about yourself now

2 Hopes: What you most want at this moment

3 Fears: Your fears

4 Pro: What is going for you

5 Con: What is going against you

6 Outcome

The Horoscope

This is a favorite among the astrology aficionados. It makes a good spread for a general reading and an excellent icebreaker if you are reading the cards for a friend and you are tuning into each other.

In this tarot card spread, each card is placed in the position of the twelve houses of the horoscope.

Each position relates to a specific area of life. Here is the description of the meaning of each tarot card.

When you'll be more confident you can place a second card in each position for further information.

1. The Self

This position represents the querent, his or her feelings, thoughts, needs.

2. Money, resources

This card describes the financial situation, the material goods and resources.

3. Communications

Exchanges, letters, calls and local environment.

4. Home

Emotions related to family, parents and relatives.

5. Self-expression

Creativity, hobbies, love and romance.

6. Work

The daily routine, work, health.

7. Partners

Marriage, spouses, partners.

8. Sex, money and death

Sexuality, legacies, major changes and financial resources.

9. Future

Long distance travel, future and hopes.

10. Career

Ambitions, career, status.

11. Friends

Social activities, friends, clubs and groups.

12. Secrets

Hidden fears, unconscious wishes, hidden matters.

13. The significator

The core question of the spread.

The Twelve Month Spread

The layout is the same as the horoscope spread but here the card number one represents the current month, the number two shows the influences that will effect the following month and so on.

The card in the middle gives you a general tarot card interpretation of the coming year.

The Tree of Life

This layout is loosely inspired to the cabalistic Tree of Life that represents the path to God and the creation of the universe.

The Tree of Life spread is used to have an overall view of the querent's situation and it's a great way start to a consultation.

1. Yourself

The attitudes and feelings of the inquirer at the time of the reading.

2. Energy

The level of energy and drive toward goals.

3. Limits

Blocks or limiting factors.

4. Resources

Abilities, income and financial resources.

5. Challenges

The opposition that must be overcome to attain success.

6. Influences

The effect of the querent on the situation.

7. Emotions

Love and emotional life.

8. Career

Self-expression, business and career.

9. Health

The unconscious mind and health matters.

10. Family

The inquirer's close relationships and family.

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