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Your Free Tarot Spreads

Make your own tarot card layout sheet. With these free tarot spreads, interpretation will be plain and easy.

Learning to read tarot cards, memorizing each tarot card meaning and remembering tarot card spreads can be a challenge.

Do you find the Celtic Cross confusing? Do you think the Tree of Life is mind boggling?

Trying to remember which card is which, what goes above or below can distract you from the more important task, looking at the tarots with a relaxed and open mind.

To learn tarot easily, you can prepare these tarot layout sheets to jog your memory.

These patterns will take out the stress of tarot reading and will let you develop your intuitive abilities.

With a frequent use of these sheets, the tarot card spreads will become familiar, you'll be able to memorize them without effort and tarot reading will become a second nature.

Here are the few easy steps to prepare your own free tarot card spreads.
You will need a sheet of Bristol paper size A2, a pencil, a felt tip pen and one card from your favorite deck.

1. Choose a tarot layout you would like to learn.

2. Spread the Bristol board on a table and, using the tarot card and the pencil, trace the shape of the card in the proper position of your tarot spread.

3. With the felt tip pen trace the shape, note the sequence number of the card and its meaning.

4. Let your creativity roam wild and decorate the board with inspiring drawings and patterns.

More Tips and Ideas for Free Tarot Card Spreads

Using a colored or patterned carton board will make your spreadsheet unique.

You can also use a poster with your favorite inspirational image.

Glue on it white index cards to indicate the tarot position.

On each card you can then note the interpretation of that particular tarot card position.

Traditionally, tarot cards are wrapped in silk for keepsake.

You can trace your tarot card layout sheet on a piece of silk.

Using the fabric to wrap your cards and storing them in a box will keep them safe and the little ritual of opening the box and unwrapping them will crate a special atmosphere for the reading.

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