Learning to Read Tarot Cards: Significator and Tarot Card Spreads

Learning to read tarot cards is a lot easier if you start with the right tarot card spreads. Find out how to choose a tarot card layout and a significator.

Choosing the Tarot Card Spread

Your tarot card is a tool for reflection, problem analysis, mediation and spiritual growth. Using the right tarot card spread for the occasion is essential to turn on the tarot magic and help you with the cards' interpretation.

Some tarot card layouts like the horoscope or the tree of life are useful for an overall look at the situation, each position has its own meaning and refers to a specific area of life.

They are often used at the beginning of a session to give a general idea of what are the most important things in the life for the inquirer, start the flow of ideas and turn on the intuition abilities of the reader.

Other tarot card spreads like the Celtic Cross are more useful to analyze a problem in grater detail or ask a specific question. Ask one question at the time, if there is more than one question use more readings.

When you start shuffling the cards have your chosen spread already in mind.

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Choosing a Significator

If a spread requires a significator, you can choose a card to represent the querent or the situation.

It can be any of the seventy-eight cards, a court card often represents a person and the more abstract Major Arcana or the Pip cards signify a situation.

The choice can be based on the the physical traits or the psychological characteristics of the person.

Queens may represent mature women and pages younger ones, while kings can symbolize older men and knights youngsters.

I like to choose a significator simply looking at the cards and selecting the first one that calls my attention and seems to fit the situation.

Once you have selected the significator, lay it on the table, simply shuffle the remaining cards and proceed to the reading.

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