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Tarot Cards News, Issue #008 -- Tarot Cards for Meditation
August 16, 2012

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Tarot Cards for Meditation

Tarot cards serve many functions including helping us during meditation. There are many types of meditation methodologies and Tarot cards certainly can be useful for many of these practices. Not only can they enable one to focus on specific life lessons or intentions, meditations with the tarot can certainly help you develop a richer relationship to your tarot cards.

Tarot Reading - Using the Tarot For Meditation

Tarot Reading - Using the Tarot For Meditation
By Carolyn Naiman

Tarot cards serve many functions. One of the most useful is their ability to help us focus or meditate. In general, meditation involves focusing the mind in order to reach a level of relaxation, concentration or sense of presence. There are many types of meditation methodologies and Tarot cards certainly can be useful for many of these practices. Not only can they enable one to focus on specific life lessons or intentions, meditations with the Tarot can help you develop a richer relationship to your Tarot cards. More importantly, meditations with the Tarot can deepen your interpretations of the cards.

Tarot readings offer powerful spiritual lessons. They truly are one of the most resourceful spiritual tools available today. They offer advice, teach us about ourselves, and help us to develop self-confidence. They can also help us to focus and visualize. To really understand how we can implement the Tarot in all areas of our lives, we need to know them intimately. Meditations on the Tarot can do just that.

When learning to read Tarot cards, it's always useful to gather as much information about each individual card as you can. Remember, that every card has a distinct story and meaning. Each card depicts a character or characters that represent individual temperaments and dispositions. As we meditate on these, we can find ourselves relating intimately with these personas. We can gather strength from them. We can also learn from them. In the end, the Tarot can teach us about our very natures.

This is a great meditation exercise that can be used with Tarot cards. I often use this exercise when I am performing Tarot readings for myself. Because it's much more difficult to remain objective while reading for myself, I will utilize this meditation method to gather as much meaning as I can from the cards themselves.

1. Begin by establishing a space that is quiet and safe. You may sit or lay down.

2. Pick a card from the deck or use one of the cards from your readings.

3. Visual grasp everything you can from this particular card. Note its colors, imagery and characters.

4. Close your eyes and see this image in your mind. Imagine it expanding, becoming larger and larger until it fills the room.

5. Now, imagine that you can step into this image. Visualize yourself becoming part of its image.

6. Once you have achieved this, it's time to let your mind start wandering. What are you feeling? What are the characters doing? How are they interacting?

7. When you feel comfortable, visualize yourself interacting with the characters. What might you say to them? What might they say to you?

8. When you feel as though you have received all the information you need, you can slowly pull yourself out of the image. Allow it to shrink back to its normal size and when you feel ready, open your eyes.

9. Now for the most important aspect of this Tarot meditation. Write your experience down. If you have a Tarot journal, this is the place to describe your experience. Be as detailed as you can. You may want to write about your emotional process or simply just dot down what you discovered within the card.

You can practice this exercise when ever you feel the need or simply want to know more about a particular card. One thing that is important to note, is that your experiences will change over time. What you experience with one card may be a totally different experience on another day. They key is to stay present with your discoveries as they reveal a great deal of information about yourself at a particular time.

For more on Tarot Readings and Tarot Card Meanings please visit Carolyn's blog.

Caroyn Naiman is a professional Tarot Reader and the Webmaster of She has a Masters in Psychology and has been a Tarot advisor since 1998.

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