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Make Your Own Tarot Cards

This month we selected for our e-zine an interesting article about how to make your own tarot cards.

How Can I Make My Own Tarot Cards?

How Can I Make My Own Tarot Cards?
By Katherine Heiden

How can I make my own Tarot cards? The answer to this question depends, believe it or not, on whether you are a materialistic person, or a spiritual one. Online and off as well, there are numerous places that produce custom card designs for any need. They will allow you to choose from stock artwork, or upload your own images. You might even walk into a local print shop and ask them, "How can I make my own Tarot cards?" Some will be able to help you, and most will be able to tell you where such a place can be found. Remember, the names of the cards hold special positions in the deck, and if you are using different names for them, you'll have to be positive of the proper order and translation within a deck. You can't make up a reading as you go, inventing colorful details and fanciful backgrounds. "How can I make my own Tarot cards?", is easy to answer, but extremely complicated to produce.

How can I make my own Tarot cards from scratch? A deck can be designed on card stock, which is available in most department and computer stores. Paying close attention to the correct translations, paint, draw, print or paste the artwork, and, if possible, permanently seal the surfaces with a plastic of lacquer finish of some sort. The original Tarot decks were hand painted, and designed to the demands of court nobility, there's no reason yours can't be original as well. Be creative, and make the deck a unique device designed entirely for your personal use. An experienced medium uses their favorite deck, because they have formed a special link. Making your own deck could make that link even stronger, as long as you don't confuse yourself with confused translations of cards.

How can I make my own Tarot cards, and make them as accurate as a regular deck? The magic, accuracy, and authority manifested in a Tarot deck are the result of a bond between that deck and the medium who draws from it. If someone forms that connection with inkblots printed on box tops, and feel comfortable interpreting from them, then it works. The artwork on regular decks are more for aesthetic purposes than for required ones. Greater rapport is logically available if the deck is one created by your own hands and imagination.

How can I make my own Tarot cards? By organizing a set of depictions that suit your personal needs, and practicing with them until they are as familiar as any other Tarot deck. Again, the most important rule is that you practice, using various layouts. Having a personalized tarot deck can only enhance the experience, if that is the route one wants to take.

Katherine Heiden is a professional tarot card reader and clairvoyant. Her new guide Learn Tarot Cards is a great resource for beginners and experts alike, and includes many bonus guides showing you how to take your hobby of doing tarot card readings and turn it into a career.

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