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We have a winner for our first Free Tarot Card Contest!

And the winner is... Nicole H with her story and picture.

Nicole wins a beautiful Rider-Waite tarot deck, click on the link to read her story.

Are you disappointed because you didn't win? Don't be! Another contest is up and running, enter here you story, you might be the next winner!

A great way to make a tarot deck truly your own is to color the cards.

We started a collection of free, printable tarot cards that you can color following your own inspiration to make them truly your own.

It is amazing how many details you'll discover in a picture when you color it yourself.

Click here to have a go at making and coloring your tarots.

Tarot 0: The Fool
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Learning to Read Tarot Cards

This month we selected for our e-zine an interesting article about the first steps to learn to read tarot cards for fun and profit.

Learning to Read Tarot Cards - How to Get Started Learning to Read Tarot Cards

Learning to Read Tarot Cards - How to Get Started Learning to Read Tarot Cards
By Katherine Heiden

Learning to read tarot cards is an important skill in today's world of uncertainty. If you can learn to read tarot cards, you can have the whole world open to you, and have guidance on how to act, what to do, and who to trust in life available right in your pocket. This is an important skill to have, and one which should not be taken lightly.

The first step in learning to read tarot cards is to pick a deck which speaks to you. Contrary to popular knowledge, there is not just one tarot deck, there are hundreds, if not thousands of variations on the "original" version. Many books detail the differences in stunning depth, but for most individuals, it is best to start off with learning to read tarot cards from the basic deck before moving on to more complicated decks later on.

The second step, of course, to learn the meanings and the symbolism of each card in the deck. Each card in the deck has a literal meaning, but also a more symbolic or hidden meaning which is more often what is being transmitted to the reader. If this meaning is improperly analyzed or interpreted, the entire reading could be deceitful.

Once you do that, the final step in learning to read tarot cards is to learn about spreads, or tarot card layouts. These spreads allow you to focus a reading on one or more aspects of a person's life, and allow you to delve into greater, and more specific detail about the different things going on in one single aspect of their life, be it love, a career, or something else entirely.

In order to start learning to read tarot cards, it is imperative that you begin by getting a good book about learning to read tarot cards I personally feel that the majority of books that you can find at your local library or book store are quite lousy. I would recommend looking at Learn Tarot Cards, which is well-written and very detailed.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Katherine_Heiden


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