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Tarot Cards News, Issue #024 -- The Pope Tarot Card
March 04, 2014

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The Pope Tarot Card

The Hierophant - Inspiration Or Buzz Killer?

The Hierophant - Inspiration Or Buzz Killer?
By Chai Brogan

No matter how much we loved or loathed our school days, all of us share fond memories of that one, special teacher who went out on a limb to help and inspire us. The one who saw our potential and simply wouldn't give up, no matter how much of a hopeless challenge we represented! Well, within Tarot's greater arcana, our fondly remembered teaching heroines and heroes are ably represented by The Hierophant.

Sometimes referenced as a spiritual father or pope, and alternatively known as Jupiter, this inspirational guru brings many positive meanings to the Tarot table, including:

  • Forgive and forget
  • Show some humility
  • Stay close to your family
  • Keep to paths you've already trodden

He's particularly fond of reminding us that there's nothing automatically wrong with the conventional - so accepting the world as it is, and complying with the rules that society has lain down for us, isn't any kind of crime. Rebellion purely for its own sake is both foolish and futile - just like cutting off your nose to spite your face would be!

That's not to say this humble, compassionate and inspirational figure believes we should roll over when faced with some terrible injustice - although he may well give us the courage to turn the other cheek. Tolerance and charity are always high priorities for him, and he prides himself on being a reliable source of sound advice.

In every Tarot reading, it's vital we pay close attention to where any particular card turns up. Because its position within our spread, along with the influence of the surrounding cards, will ultimately determine its true meaning.

As such The Hierophant regularly proves a constraining influence, reeling in our more ambitious (and possibly reckless!) tendencies. His negative qualities include an inclination to encourage secrets and conspiracy theories when he ought to know better, and a tendency to be far too quick in forming judgemental opinions!

But in spite of these sometimes frustrating foibles, this inspirational character nearly always brings far more good to your Tarot reading than anything else! He encourages alliances of every kind, from simple friendships right through to marriages, because he knows we function better communally, rather than in isolation.

And if he sometimes stands on tradition, it's only because he wants us to learn from the past, so we can grow stronger! He knows that traditions bring stability, and that stability leads to material and spiritual growth. So if you figure that makes him a buzz killer - well, he probably doesn't mind!

A therapist by training, Chai Brogan values The Tarot as an ancient form of Guided Imagery. To contact Chai or to find out more about his work, please visit

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