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Tarot Cards News, Issue #030 -- The Justice Tarot Card
September 06, 2014

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The Justice Tarot Card

Justice - What Goes Around Comes Around, Right?

Justice - What Goes Around Comes Around, Right?
By Chai Brogan

All too often, people back away from a Tarot reading because they're scared what will happen. Mostly, such fears stem from superstitious ignorance originating in popular fiction: "If the death card turns up, then you'll croak!" Just occasionally though, they've a secret they wish to keep safely hidden, in which case Justice is a card they'd much rather steer clear of.

How we must pity such ignorance! For not only is it impossible to engage meaningfully with the world for any length of time without collecting a bag full of dirty linen, but not even the most psychic and intuitive of readers will ever succeed in gathering evidence from a Tarot spread that might usefully be presented before a court of law!

And to top that off, Justice, the 11th card in the greater arcana, has very little relevance to our earthly laws, as she is far more concerned with loftier matters, such as karmic balance and the principles controlling cause and effect! Some meanings she may typically bring to your Tarot reading include:

  • Refuse to be a victim
  • Take satisfaction from your successes
  • Know your weaknesses
  • Respect the hierarchy

So with Justice, you can totally relax about those outstanding parking tickets or the corpse feeding your hydrangeas; her main concerns are equity and balance! How will your past and present situations influence your future? Are you storing up resentments that will lead to conflicts further down the line? Are you treating others in the way that you would wish to be treated, if the boot were on the other foot?

Justice is on a permanent quest for harmony, which she pursues relentlessly, and for no reason other than it is virtuous, right and proper for her to do so. She is less of a police officer, and more of an expert negotiator. Her aim is always to attain peace with honour; to gain maximum satisfaction for all parties!

As with every Tarot card in every reading, it's imperative we pay close attention as to where it turns up, and which cards surround it. Although Justice has few negative meanings, she can sometimes lead to dithering, or even cause a stalemate!

Of course, it's not necessarily her fault. Her message is that, once we create ripples in a pond, we can never escape them - so we should be very careful when and where we throw stones! And is she to blame if we constantly ignore her advice?

If Justice ever gets a fleeting opportunity to whisper words of wisdom into your ear, she'll probably hiss: "What goes around comes around!" And if you've a modicum of sense, then you'll take her philosophy very much to heart!

A therapist by training, Chai Brogan values The Tarot as an ancient form of Guided Imagery. To contact Chai or to find out more about his work, please visit

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