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Tarot Cards News, Issue #027 -- The Strength Tarot Card
June 02, 2014

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The Strength Tarot Card

Strength - A Quality That Needn't Always Be Obvious!

Strength - A Quality That Needn't Always Be Obvious!
By Chai Brogan

Dressed in white with her hair garlanded by flowers, a young maiden calmly cradles a lion's head. The beast eyes her carefully; he is prone to strike, and could tear her to ribbons in an instant, though they both know he will not. For he is hypnotized by her karmic powers, which have disabled his most basic instincts. Such is the hidden potency of Strength, the silent, unassuming neutron bomb within Tarot's greater arcana!

Faced with a perceived injustice, how often have you exploded in rage, only to regret not reacting more coolly later on? All too often, the qualities that allow us to really get things done in our lives reside within the quieter parts of our nature! Strength personifies this within your Tarot reading, and some typical meanings include:

  • Always let your head rule your heart
  • Avoid being pointlessly stubborn
  • Respect conflicting opinions
  • Believe in yourself

Yes, believe in yourself! And keep in mind that qualities such as courage, energy and resolve don't need to be proclaimed through a megaphone! All too frequently, our actions truly do speak louder than words - even when they don't appear to bring us instant recognition.

Currently, we're passing through an epoch in which we're so obsessed with celebrity that we demand recognition for the smallest of acts. But ultimately, such efforts are futile. Have you heard of Joan of Arc? So how many medieval clowns can you name? There are thousands to choose from - all terribly famous in their day!

Quietly and competently getting on with things is the best legacy most of us can leave - and Strength is our perfect role model! She simply tells us to do what we have to do - defend the just whilst condemning the immoral, whilst working tirelessly for the triumph of love over hate.

Because ultimately, possessing an innate sense of self-mastery and control will make us far more valuable than any praise the world-at-large could heap upon our shoulders! And it's only by understanding ourselves very keenly indeed that we can ever begin to comprehend the rest of humankind!

So when Strength appears as a positive influence in your Tarot reading, by all means allow a faint, wry smile to cross your lips - but try not to let it fester.

Remember what this noble maiden stands for - and determine to make sure that, from now on, it's not so much your words that draw people's attention, but rather your quiet, decisive and relentlessly positive actions!

A therapist by training, Chai Brogan values The Tarot as an ancient form of Guided Imagery. To contact Chai or to find out more about his work, please visit

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