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Welcome to our tarot cards reading fiesta! Enjoy free readings, decks to download and easy tarot meanings with our ultimate online tarot guide.

Tarot Cards Value

I’m delighted you found my website, I love to share what I have learned over the years about tarots.

I always found tarot images fascinating because, like the best artistic masterpieces,  they speak to us in a non verbal but very powerful language. 

Collecting decks and studying the story of tarots, I came to realize that these amazing cards became over the centuries a collective work of art

Since the Renaissance times, hundreds of tarot decks have been painted, engraved and made in every possible way but, in all their versions, tarots kept intact their magic. 

Their alluring imagery speaks to our subconscious.

The archetypal symbols of tarots easily connect to the deepest part of or our inner self and have the power to bring out our instinctive knowledge.

Maybe this is why we still find them so fascinating and they haven’t lost their appeal throughout the centuries.

We can still use tarot cards for counseling, self-help, getting in touch with our emotions, and... playing.

Can You Read Tarot Cards?

Tarots nurture our intuition and, with a little practice, we can all learn to read tarot.

These cards will help us recognize and analyze in a spread our circumstances and find the path of our journey through life.

As they say, knowledge is power and the more we learn about ourselves, the better we can choose an effective course of action to direct our lives.

Tarot cards are the best instrument to wake up your intuition and your dormant abilities.

How to Use This Website

Here you have all you need to start this amazing voyage of self exploration. Just get all the free tools and add your intuition.

Do you think you don’t have any? Think again, your intuition is there, alive and kicking, it just needs a little encouragement to come out and do it’s job.

Your lush, exuberant, prolific, rich and vigorous imagination just needs to be acknowledged and allowed to work its magic.

And here are some of the goodies you'll find in my website.

Card Meanings

If you have tried before to read cards and you found the tarot explanations confusing and frustrating, well, you’re not alone!

When your intuition needs a little help, check out my tarot meaning pages, I tried my best to make them plain and reader friendly.

Free Readings

Do you need a little help? Is your own situation so close that you can’t see the bigger picture? Ask for a free reading. Find out how to best formulate your question and fill the form. We are here to help.

Free Tarot Decks

They say the first tarot deck should always come as a gift so, accept these free tarots to download as my welcome present.

Get your cards, allow your rational thought to rest for a moment, look at the images and let them work their magic.

Please, explore our website, dare to discover the tarot reader in you and have fun!

Visitors' Comments

Got a reading and don't want to go into details but all I can say is wow. All I know is that everything came true and I mean everything. I am so glad I did go get my reading. 

Very much enjoy and appreciate your efforts.  I never get good readings doing them for myself. You were quite spot on.

Thank you again! You have been so true on my readings that it is AMAZING!  

Hello, I want to thank you for the Free Reading. You were right on everything you said about me. I love your site because I know this site is a true honest site that you can depend upon.Thank you and God Bless you for the reading.

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