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What Are Tarot Cards?

Sola Busca Tarot deck, three of swords

Tarot is an exceptional tool to develop our intuitive abilities.

We can use these beautiful cards for situation analysis, self-understanding and as invaluable device for meditation.

But tarot can also be plain fun. You’ll also find here instructions to color and print your own free tarot cards, ideas about games to play with tarots and the best free tarot readings on the web.

For centuries tarot cards have been used for playing, counseling and divination.

Maybe the enduring popularity of the tarots is due to the fact that they trace the universal history of human development using symbols that are already in our collective unconscious.

Tarots are symbols, they tell us a tale and we instinctively know how to interpret them to read our own story in the cards.

As Carl Jung observed, true symbols naturally flow from the unconscious and we recognize them in our dreams, in the myths of our culture and in artistic creations.

How to Use Tarots

Sola Busca tarot deck

The captivating images on the cards have been used for centuries as a tool for awakening intuitive abilities, self-discovery, spiritual growth, divination and or just to play card games.

If you tried before to use these cards you might have found that sometimes the descriptions of card meanings can be confusing and you might have dismissed tarot reading as a difficult and intimidating activity.

Although the tarot interpretation is often ambiguous and always offers more than one point of view, in our site you’ll find easy instructions to tarot reading, user friendly card meaning and pages to print your cards and make them your own.

Dare to discover the tarot reader in you and have fun!

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